In August 1875, Bechnsky applied to the magistrate for a building permit (archive document № 2/1/4527:3). On September 7 of the same year, the magistrate approved the relevant architectural drawings, which were signed by the city builder Joseph Mühel (archive document № 2/1/6466: 4). Most likely, construction was completed the following year, 1876.

Archival records show that Stanislaw Beczynski remained the owner of the townhouse until the 1930s. Interwar documents chronicle his numerous problems with the city authorities over the technical condition of the building: the need to process sewage and replace the floor in the store (1929). repair of facades (1931), paving of the courtyard (1933), etc. (archive document № 2/1/4527:11,17,27,33). In particular, the owner in 1935 had to completely reconstruct the sewer system (archive document № 2/1/4527: 79; 2/1/6466:3).