Austrian-time Building in Lviv City Centre.

The 2022 season was very productive

  • Rest of the inner facade renovated (Thanks to Ihor Oprysk, Yuriy, and others)
  • All three courtyard entrances renovated
  • All eighteen courtyard windows renovated.
  • All public parts of basement refurbished.
  • Refurbished passage between 23 and 25 buildings
  • ...

Inner courtyard facade is renovated.

Everything is clearly visible here - the gate, the windows, and the actual facade.The right part was done earlier, but the balconies on the left were in a deplorable condition. This year they were renovated too - thanks to Igor, Yura, and the residents of the balcony apartments. It is hard to believe that a few years ago all this was in a completely trashed state.

Facade fragment before the renovation

Inner courtyard windows and gates

Inner courtyard windows and gates are my personal pride. Everything was destroyed by time and peeled off. For the sake of their restoration, it was necessary to create a "Laboratory", which was preserved until spring yesterday.

Cellars renovation.

This year, the restoration of all common spaces was completed. All. Traditionally, everything was in a catastrophic state - I used to go there for bicycles and potatoes with a feeling of aesthetic nausea, and now sometimes I go in just to please the eye. I can't believe it...

In Soviet times the cellar was turned into a bomb shelter.
The shelter was designed to protect people from chemical and nuclear attack. It has a two-level door (first level made of 10mm steel) which can be sealed in case of emergency. Autonomous ventilation system - doesn't work now, of course. The shelter had two exits - in case of one is damaged.
It all was in a horrible condition until I brought it back to life.

Celebration with friends